[SOLVED] User und Function certificates: No Issuance possible

  • Author:

    Peter Oettig

  • Date: 28.09.2023
  • Due to neglect by the external certificate service provider Sectigo, User and Function certificates cannot be issued at the moment. Server certificates are not affected.

[SOLVED] User und Function certificates: No Issuance possible

28.09.2023: Temporary Certificate Issuance process available

Please refer to these documents for details:

31.08.2023: Original Text

The DFN-PKI Global previously used by KIT-CA has been discontinued as of 30.08.2023. This discontinuation had already been announced at the end of last year and could not be postponed because DFN-PKI Global no longer meets the globally defined guidelines as of 01.09.2023.

The successor offering, which DFN obtains via the European research network GÉANT and is operated by the certificate service provider Sectigo, is currently unavailable due to neglect by Sectigo (Downtime Report).

Therefore, no personal and function certificates can be issued at the moment. More information, for your technical interest, can be found on the DFN-PKI blog.

Unfortunately, we can only wait at the moment. Updated documentation can only be provided once the successor offering is fully functional.

As soon as the service is available again, we will inform about it. A new certificate management system will then be available at https://portal.ca.kit.edu.